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It’s A me, Mario! (Episode 07)

This week on We won the internet we talk about part two of Disenchanted.  Sam shares his Movie going experience with the new Rambo film.  Is it worth the watch?  Logan tells a story about his coworker claiming to have been sexual harassed by Mario of the Super Mario Brother's franchise or was it just a fat Mexican guy in overalls and a red shirt?

Shit on the internet stories

Bitch better get her BLT with cheese

Boobs and bikes

Ten inch troubles

It's a dick in a cone

Even Jesus gotta Eat

Backyard Love

Area 51 action

Sam's Anti-raccoon arsenal


Sexual Predator Mario


I’m gonna pee on you (Episode 06)

This week on We won the Internet we talk about a creepy incident that happened to Logan and the documentary Surviving R Kelly. 

News Topics

Watch out for the bull semen!

Don't steal if you can't get away

Extinguish the fiery passion

Stupid is as stupid does

Back seat love

Don't trust the dog walker

Don't eat and sleep at the same time

Raccoon infestation!



Why so serious? (Episode 05)

This week on We won the Internet we talk about

New Netflix comedy specials that collide with the new cancel culture.

News Topics

Coffee Vs. Plane

Nothing like a good smoke after fighting bedbugs

Church does the Lords work

The French know how to do it

What the Hell!?

My Magic kingdom for a cigarette 

Killer Vegan

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