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It’s the hotdog of truth! (Episode 11)

This week on We won the internet Logan talks about his crazy day of fighting crime. Sam tells a story about a guy he knows that has no filter. We also have an interview with one of our listeners Endy Adison a local hot dog vendor and conspiracy theorist.  Endy has a new book he is promoting " the Hotdog of truth" Hopefully he brings hotdogs.

Shit on the Internet

Need to call the cops on myself

Help me with my stolen car

Haunted house is too scary

I'll trade you a burger for some sex

Tupac, say it ain't so

Take two of these and blow me in the morning

So tired of all this crime

Is that a pie or are you happy to see me? (Episode 10)

This week on We won the internet Logan reminds everyone of the greatness of Married with children and Sam explains why eating while you're peeing is a bad etiquette .  We also talk about the new Joker movie (no spoilers).

Shit on the internet

It's a blood bath

Don't burn and steal

Vampire's last stake

Man in drag

It worked on Porn hub

Minty vagina

Powdered milk does the body bad

Can we say schwifty? (Episode 09)

This week on We won the internet we talk about the human/raccoon treaty.  The  new season of  Big mouth and the upcoming new season of Rick and Morty. 

Shit on the internet

Can you help me find my penis?

Stick around for a Circle K robbery

The bomb is fake news

It's in the ceiling!

Hiking is good exercise

Passing the test

No chicken nuggets for me

The Horror of it all (Episode 08)

This week on We won the internet we are getting ready for October.  Logan talks about his sexy scary dream and he's getting into the Series Two sentence horror stories now on Netflix. Sam tells us a tale of his quest for extra large super condoms and coffee.


Shit on the Internet

Porn goes electronic

Always open a door for a lady.. except this time

Direct TV charges lady to death

God Told me to

Transition tattoo

911 I command you!

Naked and kind of scared

zombie dream


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