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The Hong Kong riots (Episode 15)

This week on We won the internet Logan talks about spying on his wife and hanging out with Lamar the bear hunter.  Sam mentions a friend that has only seen one Marvel  movie, Avengers End game. Now he's got to see the rest! We are starting a new segment called I can't believe it's not google.  We take a listener's question and give them answers.  Not good answers, but they're answers. 

Sh!t on the internet

Drug Scam

Fighting Bigfoot

Taco power

Sleep crime

Decoding the Internet: The Hong Kong riots.  Sam's new segment where he finds something on the internet that interest him and goes into detail about the subject. 


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Hey Mickey you’re so fine (Episode 14)

This week on we won the internet Logan talks about his new friend he found in the woods and Logan's new single life status.  We bring up the new Disney plus.  Is it worth the money? 

Sh!t on the internet

Camel balls

I've done my time

Sandwich attack

Butt reveal

Bad cop

Prison break helper

We drank your milk

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Free as a bird (Episode 13)

This week on We won the internet Logan announces his "Divorce" and tries to convince Sam that he really didn't just fake his death. He also shares his plans for the future living in the bunker with Mr. Jiggletits the leader of the invading raccoons.  

Sh!t on the internet (links)

It's all just a murderous dream

Drunk teacher

That's Racist 

More fake money more Problems

Come on ring!

Beat the system


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Sriracha is our secret ingredient (Episode 12)

This week on We won the internet we talk about our lame Halloween adventures.  Sam tells us about the new series on shudder, Creepshow while Logan mentions the show Daybreak and the new Stand up by Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy's latest movie Dolemite is my  name.

Sh!t on the internet (links)

It's the secret ingredient

He killed me officer

No Jumping on the bed

Bob the destroyer 

The cake is a lie

Segway adventure

Leaf her alone!

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